Procedural Generations Motion Graphics Software, available on the OSX App Store


Compile Instead of Render

We are happy to announce that we are opening of beta access to our new Procedural Generations Motion Graphics Software, a motion graphics solution designed to compress media file workflows dramatically.  Our techniques reduce render times for applications by shrinking to the kilo- to mega-byte range from the typical gigabyte range for high-resolution media.

We have years of experience operating within the confines of massive data workflows, and are pleased to offer a new method for motion graphic generation. Procedural Generations takes an alternative approach to production workflows by using GPUs to render media live.  With this new model, there is very little disk I/O, which ends the need for large RAID, SSD or expensive media servers, as well as heavy disk reading and writing.  Procedural Generations significantly reduces time spent in buffering or copying files, which frees operators to deploy resources in more productive areas.

We build custom Motion Applications for Mac OS.  Powered by native components—CoreGraphics, SpriteKit and Quartz—the applications are efficient OS X applications; they enjoy stability, optimized performance, and efficient memory management. Applications are scalable to any resolution or aspect ratio(limited only by the graphic card). Applications are event-driven, meaning they are responsive to the keyboard, live audio, MIDI, TouchOSC, mouse or touch. ShowBlender offers single-app solutions, which integrate with Syphon to share frames in real-time and build creative visual applications.

Deploy skilled human resources flexibly without having to wait long for re-rendering large video formats or make changes on the fly with the elegant solution. Beginning with your next event, license un-watermarked content as we develop branded visual content to match any design—ex. RBG color values, show-pacing and tone.

ShowBlender offers digital media solutions for specific design requirements using our advanced motion graphics and video engineering technology. The Berkeley-based provider has established a clientele for high-resolution, multi-format, widescreen digital media, optimizable for LED or projection systems and playback or video switching needs. The team at ShowBlender understands the needs of content-focused, creative design teams who often face challenges in areas such as bandwidth constraints, blend regions, or aspect-ratio projection designs. Custom-templates or solutions are designed to help clients overcome such stumbling blocks. Over the years, ShowBlender has successfully engineered solutions for equipment vendors and production managers and design teams, enabling them develop solutions for any production needs.


Procedural Generations is ideally suited for corporate events, digital signage, live event production, meetings and trade shows.

For more information, and to request beta access, please visit or call + 1 888 573 5589.

About ShowBlender

ShowBlender, a Berkeley-based software developer led by Joe McCraw, specializes in the products for audiovisual industry. ShowBlender provides unique engineering, software and production design services to make your next event shine. Other popular software developed by the specialist provider include SpeakerSync, Promptly, Quietcomm, Twitterpated and UpTime.

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