BlendBuddy was developed to address problems faced by Video Engineers, Projectionists, Camera and Lighting Operators trying to create a consistent visual message.

BlendBuddy makes it easy for anyone to match colors across a variety of image sources:

  • Projectionists doing complicated Multiple-Projector Stacks or Blends use BlendBuddy, making edge-feathered/converged images perfectly calibrated across the RGB/Gamma spectrum.  

  • Video Engineers use BlendBuddy to match Cameras/other video sources, calibrating and troubleshooting different signals across a video system.

  • Lighting Operators can easily assess the evenness of their stage washes and compare the color white points from different light sources and Color Temperatures.

  • Camera Operators can use blend buddy to survey the lighting in a venue at different times of day, helping with plan shots and maintain image consistency.

  • Technical Directors/Producers can approach difficult Multi-Media displays, helping match actual reflected light with backlight video sources communicating their intended looks using easily understood RGB/Luma values.

  • Makeup artists and Hairdressers and achieve consistent hair and flesh tone to keep actors looking consistent from shot to shot.

While BlendBuddy was developed for use in the Entertainment Industry, it certainly has other useful applications.

Let us know how we can help make BlendBuddy an even greater addition to your A/V Toolset.

Download BlendBuddy for Mac OSX on the Apple App Store.




 We are Proud to Announce the Availability of BlendBuddy on the iOS platform.