This is a demonstration of some ultra-widescreen panoramic title graphics for a Projection Blend.


Engineered for Performance

ShowBlender creates Pixel-Perfect, High-Resolution Digital Media Content, Workflows, and Software. Being able to adopt new technologies can offer novel methods of message communication and a profound user experience. ShowBlender helps to realize technical design requirements for the next generation of live events. We utilize reliable video engineering principles with  custom software development to  develop Motion Graphics, Realtime Software and Video Engineering workflows.

We offer consultations to address specific engineering requirements in a way that can be understood in the language of Graphic Design, Software Developers, Client, Talent and Event Producers.  Our Creative Team has the ability to develop custom templates, final deliverables, or just be there to help guide your own creative team through the complex requirements of large-scale Corporate Events.  We are proud to work with the fantastic Garrett T Eaton(see Portfolio here).

We will work with rental equipment vendors, production managers and design teams, to develop engineered content display systems that will meet the needs of any live event.

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