IATSE Local 16 - Stewards Report Macro is Now Open Source!

ShowBlender is proud to announce that we've open-sourced our IATSE Local 16 Stewards Report Macro.   Developed for use by IATSE Local 16 Job Stewards, this excel spreadsheet will ingest Job Report PDFs, and populate a useable excel Stewards Reports for inputting worker’s hours.  

Download Excel sheet(.xlsm)  from Github .  Download Instructions Here.

Source Available at:


Technical Specs:

Windows-Only Macro-Enabled Excel Spreadsheet with VBScript to parse PDF data via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Originally Developed by Joe McCraw of ShowBlender LLC. 

Website:  Http://www.ShowBlender.com/

e-mail:  joe@showblender.com

Feel free to update and improve upon this software.  

Offered, in good faith, as Open Source Software, to my Brothers and Sisters of IATSE Local 16.

In Solidarity,


Download link