Use ShowBlender for Your Next Corporate Event!

ShowBlender LLC is Open for Business


A newly launched company, ShowBlender LLC, has been showing off their creativity and distinction when it comes to large scale corporate events. ShowBlender is a Live-Event Production Services Company focusing on Production Software and Services for General Session, and Keynote Events. ShowBlender LLC offers three products within three distinct divisions(Creative, On-Site, and Software). Each division is unmatched in it’s features and control offerings. Any company involved in organizing a great live-event can benefit from one, or many of the products offered by ShowBlender.


The cornerstone of ShowBlender is High-Resolution Video Production Consulting.  ShowBlender offers a complete solution for system integrated visual design for Multi-Format High Resolution Motion Graphics.  Offering Creative After Effects/Motion Graphics Design for on-site editing with live-monitoring of branded content.  Playback of high-resolution motion-graphic content requires specific editing workflows, including capture, editing and compression; coordinated with custom formats, optimized for any playback/rendering platform(Playback Pro, Watchout, ChromaSquid) and display(LED, Wide-screen High-Rez Projection, Video-Wall, Multi-format etc) requirements of your show. ShowBlender LLC offers skilled On-site Production services for presentation graphics, motion-graphics, and custom moderated audience response systems. ShowBlender offers A/V Software Solutions designed with Production Specific Features and reliability needed for the A/V industry. ShowBlender offers site license sales discounts with included branded software deployments, tailored to any production needs.


ShowBlender LLC offers 5 new A/V software products developed specifically for the needs of live production environments: SpeakerSync, QuietComm, ARS-Tweet, Promptly and ConnecTime. ShowBlender LLC is company offering state-of-the-art production solutions to a wide range of production clients in the av industry; meeting the demands of mission-critical audio-visual production.


ShowBlender LLC can help ambitious companies, creating dynamic custom visual content to coordinate with marketing/event/communication goals. ShowBlender offers detail-oriented consultations to make sure that their event will be unique and unforgettable. The main goal of ShowBlender is to build a relationship between our client and our event’s participants. Through creativity and consistency they have developed the most coveted and loyal clientele.


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