ColdSpotting simplifies networking diagnostics allowing for small and medium sized businesses to easily monitor their networks in real-time. Serving the San Francisco Bay-Area and beyond, our tools help our Live-Event Production, Audio-Visual, and Hotel IT customers ensure their networks perform as promised.



ColdSpotting was developed to address the specific networking requirements of Corporate Event Productions by Software Developers with real world production experience. With over 10 years of professional Live-Event and Hotel AV productions, we know the markers for success and make them available to our customers. We can ensure that speakers and participants communicate freely, unburdened by concerns about network diagnostics.  From General Session level events to small breakout rooms in smaller venues, we have the experience to support your production with experience, expertise, and excellence. 



ColdSpotting Enterprise leverages our proven technology to give businesses realtime information about network performance, or ‘lag’. When you need your network to perform, ColdSpotting can give you practical, actionable information, now. Utilizing data collected from the popular consumer version, we are building a global performance data of networks and devices around the world. Instantly assess current Speed and Quality in seconds via mobile app or the web. We use real-world experience to develop tools, specially tailored to the demanding needs of this market.

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Event Tracking

When working in Live events, having up to date knowledge of changing network conditions can be the difference between success and failure. Avoid embarrassing moments when you have senior staff presenting by guaranteeing they have the network they expect. Create an inviting environment for communication between presenters and their audience(locally and online). With ColdSpotting you can ensure that you know you connection will work, no matter who you have on stage.


Simple Visual Cues

Simple Visual Cues


ColdSpotting allows you to "see” Networks by dropping colored beacons that show problem areas by color. This allows users to visually recognize areas of poor wifi reception and react accordingly without relying on complex networking information. You can see how devices, service providers, and software, performed over time with simple map overlays. With ColdSpotting, you won’t need to call IT to know if your internet is working.

Compare Connectivity

Easily decide which type of connection is best. Sometimes it can be had to tell which technology is working best, right here, right now. Don’t be influenced by who claims to have the best coverage, use ColdSpotting, and know. Compare coverage across service providers, connection technology, or device model with confidence.





Once ColdSpotting has identified locations of poor network connectivity, anyone can make informed decisions with practical, actionable information. Whether the solution is to deploy more resources to reinforce connections, change device manufacturers, or change user behavior, ColdSpotting gives you the confidence to make good forward-looking decisions. We can implement custom reporting for your specific requirements.



There are many free and paid tools that offer traditional networking diagnostics that require substantial education to leverage the data provided.  The average user can find these tools obtuse and convoluted. We design all our products to work at a glance. Our solution requires no IT knowledge and works visually. We have colorblind and high-contrast visualizations that can be tailored(and branded) to your particular needs.

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AUgmented Reality

Using Augmented Reality leverages the most advanced toolkit available from Apple. Using native software development, ColdSpotting is able to create immersive, complex 3D environments, rendering thousands of beacons in realtime.