Spyder Ops: Is Vista Advanced 4.0.4 Production Ready?

Spyder Operators:  How has your experience been with Vista Advanced 4.0.4 so far?
Here is my experience on a current show, and some of the quirks I've had to work around.  Let me know how its been working out for you.

1. The GUI Command keys often freeze up(command keys can be cloned, but not deleted or moved).  This requires a repair data list.
2. Loading a Still to a PVW layer takes a the normal time, but for some reason, but reloads each still before mixing into program(The rest of the command key executes immediately with stills showing up 15-20 seconds after).
3. The GUI(even the default layout) has a ton of minor glitches that really need a polish(see attached image).  Responsive design elements would greatly improve the UI.
4. A Generate OpMon PixelSpace Overlays would be nice.
5. Switch Known Crosspoints keeps getting turned on somehow, requiring a frame restart.  Seems like maybe its a default setting that overrides the current settings(A checkbox in the configurator would be great).
6. Horizontal line of noise on ConfigMon only(glitch appears on any mon set as Config).
7. Offset Cloning a Still Layer in All Pixelspaces doesn't render the clone.(Never tried this before, so disregard if this wouldn't work in the first place).
Current setup(x20, 4.0.4, no Still Server, BM 40x40, LW 32x32, Spyder Client).