Set Safety: New App for Filmmakers with Safety in Mind

Safety needs to be taken absolutely seriously in our industry, as accidents can have permanent consequences.  I'm currently being treated for hearing damage from someone blowing out a speaker that I happened to be walking by(Meyer UPM at full volume 6 inches from my ear).

In response to the tragic death of Sarah Jones the people at A Pledge for Sarah have developed an app called "Set Safety" designed for reporting unsafe working conditions or hours on productions.

Here are direct links to the (Surprisingly hard to find) Apps:

From A Pledge to Sarah.


We ask all cast & crew, regardless of pay scale or position, to take this pledge and agree to reaffirm it every year with the understanding that only together can we create change.
I solemnly pledge from this day forward that a safe set will be my first and highest priority.
I pledge to look out for the safety of those around me and in turn will expect others to do the same.
As a department head I pledge to speak up on behalf of anyone who comes to me with a concern. As a member of the cast or crew I pledge to always watch out for everyone’s safety, because safety is too big of a job for any one person to cover.
I pledge that every day I will have my fellow crewmembers’ backs and that I will do whatever is necessary to ensure their safety.
I pledge to be a part of the solution and it starts right now.
In the name of Sarah Jones, Brent Hershman, and all those who have been taken from us too soon, this is my pledge.

You can sign the pledge here: