Cellular Automata Test

Proof of Concept, Using Conway's Game of Life to generate or de-generate shapes, in this case ShowBlender.

Does anyone have experience with Reverse Cellular Automata, or, more practically, generating stable patterns(Still lifes/Oscillators/Spaceships/Garden Of Eden) using Conway's Game of Life or other cellular automata techniques(Critters/Highlander/Block cellular automaton is a better option)? Any math majors understand Curtis–Hedlund–Lyndon Theory enough to explain it to me?

WARNING: Open Source Screen Capture Software CamStudio has a Virus!

I'm sorry to report that the extremely popular Open Source Screen Recording software CamStudio has been infected with the Artemis!935C478B6850 trojan.  I had recently installed CamStudio in order to produce a tutorial video, and I began to notice a ton of new applications popping up and marked decreases in performance.  Guess its time to dust of those Windows 7 install discs....

A search of wikipedia yields some disturbing results.

I can confirm this is still the case as of today. I downloaded the file straight from camstudio.org, and McAfee quarantined Artemis!935C478B6850. Vegemarmalade (talk) 22:55, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

via Wikipedia

Although I have been using CamStudio for years now, I recommend you seek out alternatives to this software.  Further exploit information can be found at HerdProject. 

Some people are Using VLC to capture/transcode their desktops, though I've had mixed results.

Get VLC here

Mac Users can use a little known feature in Quicktime Player.