Christie Projector Web Control not working after Java Update

You may have recently encountered an error when trying to log into Christie Projectors via the internal Web interface.  I routinely control multiple projectors via the web interface, as the iOS application often does not connect to certain projectors(regardless of firmware version).  Unfortunately, due to the terrible security of the Java framework, they push constant updates. At some point in the upgrade process to Java Version 8 breaks support for the Christie Web interface.

An error will pop up that says "Application Blocked by Java Security", and instructs you to add an exception, but even when you do, Java 8 will still not load.

After mentioning this to Christie Tech Support, this was their reply:

Java Connectivity Failure to ChristieNET
If using: “Java Version 8 (Update 25). You will have issues connecting to ChristieNET. You’ll most likely see the image below:


Even when disabling, it will not allow you to connect.
RESOLUTION: Downgrade your Java Version. Java Version 7 Update 5 will work for sure. After downgrading to this package, my computer was able to connect fine again.
No problems were reported with Version 7 Update 71. This is another thing version youcan try.

This process may work, but it does open your system up to a wide array of security vulnerabilities, so I suggest only doing this to a machine that doesn't browse the internet.

I'm planning on using an old laptop and designating it for use with Christie projectors only, but it seems like a waste of resources.  

How do you approach this issue?

Do you have a dedicated machine/partitioned OS for Christie products?

Has anyone tried getting Java version 7 update 71 on a raspberry pi browser?  Or linux on a thumb drive?

Is anyone interested in collaborating on a Cross-platform software solution?  Post a comment or e-mail

Vista(Christie) Matrix Router Compatibility Repository


Join me over at Github and lets solve the occasional headaches of Matrix Router Configurations with the Spyder.

The goal is to build a List of Video Matrix Routers compatible with the Vista(Christie) Spyder Switching Platform

Compatible Matrix Routers will be listed By Directory with Connection Settings config.txt and working, tested .vap configuration file

Router Test Process:

1. Factory reset the router to is default IP Address and/or Serial Port Configurations

2. Plug a reliable monitor into Output 1 of the router and 2 reliable sources as inputs 1 and 2

3. Switch the Output 1 between Inputs 1 and 2 on the router(either via front panel or other vendor specific operations) to ensure the router is in working order.

4. Open the Template .vap in Vista Advanced (Currently supporting 4.0.4)

5. Adjust the connection settings with the Appropriate Protocol and Add the router to the config.

6. Try a Query Router

5. Now perform a route using the RouterXY Patch Panel


Default Vista Advanced Configuration:

Version 4.0.4


4 Discreet 720@59.94 with Preview Mon on Output 8


Submissions should be forked in the Approved Directory and must include(see template):

Within a Directory labelled by Product-MaxtrixSize-Type   (ex.  Lightware-32x32-DVI, MatrixPro-8x8-SDI)

1. Working, configured Vista Advanced 4.0.4 .vap

2. Completed config.txt file template


If you are interested in working on this, let me know!




Request working Router configs by completing the template and commiting the submission to the Request Directory:

Within a Directory labelled by Product-MaxtrixSize-Type   (ex.  Lightware-32x32-DVI, MatrixPro-8x8-SDI)

1. The current router configuration Vista Advanced 4.0.4 .vap

2. Completed config.txt file template


Those with Request submissions can fork their solution, and when verified, I will merge the branch and move to Approved folder

Troubleshooting Christie Roadster 18K Projectors

I was setting up a Christie 18K projector yesterday, and encountered a fixable error in the field and wanted to share my troubleshooting process.

While aligning internally generated test patterns, the image began to flicker from White to Cyan then blanking the image intermittently.  The image then went black, and I received this error:

"TI Engine Com Err, Attempting to Comple"

I did a complete power down, disconnect and reboot, a couple of times, and still got the same error message.  I called up the Christie Tech support, and got some advice on troubleshooting the issue(Thanks John!).  He provided me with an internal troubleshooting pdf, and I got to work cracking the projector open.  

FYI, you must remove any eye-bolts or the 3-point mounting hardware on the top of the projector before removing the top lid.  Unscrew the 6 screws on the top of the case with a phillips head screwdriver.  You only need to do a quarter turn of these screws, and they stay attached to the lid(don't try to screw them all the way out!).

Now that you are inside the unit the fun begins.  Look for any loose cables or any strain that may be affecting connections.  I found a couple suspect connectors and did my best to make sure they were properly seated.  I powered it back up and everything came back to normal working order.


You can download the specific Christie-Lamp-Technology-Mercury-vs-Xenon-Technical-Guide.pdf here:!6Q4BkJQC!kYBBvRoywWGpt74DkVa4_fDtwJmbp2rIEzdmpAwfguE

Of particular interest for this problem, look to diagrams on page 23 and 47.

SoundFlower - The Missing OSX Audio App you always needed.

I cannot sing their praises enough.  SoundFlower is a fantastic OSX app, and for the AV/VJ community, it is an absolute necessity.

It allows you to pass audio output. back into the internal audio mix with 64 internal virtual channels.  

Soundflower is a Mac OS X kernel extension that enables audio to be passed between applications. It acts as a virtual audio device, with both inputs and outputs. With it, any audio application can send and receive audio.

Initial support for the development and maintenance of Soundflower was provided by Cycling '74. Stewardship has now been passed to Rogue Amoeba, and we're providing hosting of the latest version.

Soundflower is an open source project. Code for the Soundflower project is now hosted on GitHub.

Download Soundflower


Let me know how you use it!

Quartz: Kineme Plugin bug in OSX Yosemite 10.10 FIXED!

Found this update the other day on a forum, and chased down the New Plugin.

"Kineme Data Tools on OS 10.10 Yosemite requires a updated version of the Plug-In. Matti Niinimäki has compiled a working version of the Plug-In available here >   "  

Via the Facebook Quartz Composer Group.

Mirror Link

IATSE Local 16 - Stewards Report Macro is Now Open Source!

ShowBlender is proud to announce that we've open-sourced our IATSE Local 16 Stewards Report Macro.   Developed for use by IATSE Local 16 Job Stewards, this excel spreadsheet will ingest Job Report PDFs, and populate a useable excel Stewards Reports for inputting worker’s hours.  

Download Excel sheet(.xlsm)  from Github .  Download Instructions Here.

Source Available at:

Technical Specs:

Windows-Only Macro-Enabled Excel Spreadsheet with VBScript to parse PDF data via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Originally Developed by Joe McCraw of ShowBlender LLC. 

Website:  Http://


Feel free to update and improve upon this software.  

Offered, in good faith, as Open Source Software, to my Brothers and Sisters of IATSE Local 16.

In Solidarity,


Download link