SpeakerSync: Realtime Presenter Communication

Key Features:

  • Control - Realtime Control of Presenter Clock
  • Versatility - Multiple Programmable Sessions Types
  • Confidence - Session Title and Presenter Name will give your Speakers Certainty
  • SMS Integration - Give your end client the ability to use any cellphone to send messages to your clients from anywhere!

Never stress during or before a busy event again! SpeakerSync is your number one tool for communicating with presenters in real time during an event discreetly. The experts at ShowBlender will work to create a customized solution that’s catered to your event and specific needs. Starting with a custom deployment that will include logo and color branding, ShowBlender then integrates the important ability to communicate information to your presenter in real-time during events. With the ability to store multiple show Specializing in the A/V industry, SpeakerSync works through all types of systems along with integrated SMS messaging that will reach your speaker quickly in a private manner to display the information needed at any given time. Let your speaker know their time is up, provide helpful notes on additional talking points or even send them questions from the audience. The possibilities of SpeakerSync are endless. In addition to customized branding and SMS integration, software support and hardware configuration assistance can be provided. Reach out today for pricing information.

Live Demo - Presenter View / Admin View Contact us for SMS Access.

In Beta



Teleprompter applications are notorious for being rigid and inflexible when it comes to last minute script changes, positioning and ease of use. Promptly is a teleprompter app that works to solve all of the common woes that skilled operators and users face when working with a teleprompter. By streamlining the process into a comprehensive app, Promptly can support last minute changes even while the script is running or moving in real time. Run Promptly on any full sized screen and change the font or text size to fit your specific needs. Promptly even supports sending unobtrusive messages to the presenter in the format of a footer or header note in a highlighted font. Ensure that your presentation goes off without a hitch and that you and your team can perform under pressure with the right technology. Contact us today to see the availability of the Promptly app and to discuss how it can best fit the needs of your business.




Quietcomm provides a seamless solution to in browser server cue and communication systems. Proper and timely communication is critical to the success of any size business, and having your employees and departments in sync means a more efficient running company. Allow your technical director to utilize a custom dashboard to set up a cue list for departments or individuals through a browser where employees can then assign the tasks to themselves and provide status updates as needed. With optional features available such as password protected groups, a chat feed, organization features and the ability to connect to custom IPs, Quietcomm is a simplistic and affordable solution to your organization’s needs. Reach out to discuss further customization options and to hear how Quietcomm can provide your company with a seamless cue system.


Future open-source products


All wise marketers know that Twitter is a buzzing hub of potential customers just waiting to be connected with your brand. With such a wide base of users from all over the world, there are plenty of your ideal clients to market to with ease. Twitterpated is a unique and powerful tool that captivates your audience and causes them to take action and join the conversation. Built in tools work to survey audience response and interaction and channel your marketing efforts effectively based upon the results.

Make your next event a trending topic for the area on Twitter with our custom branded Twitter visualization process. Let our smart product create custom feeds based off of keywords and locations to bring your brand into the conversation. Take advantage of full screen, lower-thirds, banners and stream visualization options to fully immerse yourself in the process. Twitterpated also has integration features for HD video systems , allowing for an optimal view. Get the word out and watch the buzz grow from a single Tweet to much, much more!


Unfortunately at some point within your years of using technology, you’ve been in a position where systems have failed. Periods of failure can be detrimental to the success of a business and completely eliminate all means of productivity and efficiently. Our UpTime helps you to stay in control of your technology and eliminates the element of surprise technology failures.

Use UpTime to check the status of all devices across your network at any given time to see their performance ratings. Easily know what’s working and what needs fixing by the color coordinated systems. Green means all systems are up and running while red alerts you of a problem with that particular device. UpTime creates log reports that can be monitored and reviewed by your IT Department to solve connectivity issues, detect patterns and ultimately be the starting point of a permanent solution to connectivity woes.

To get more information on using Uptime for your business or network, please reach out to us by clicking here. We look forward to discussing a comprehensive solution for your brand!